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What we do

Nowadays, companies are drowning in data but starving for information. The very nature of data changed in ways people didn’t expect; it grew out of proportion and became more and more unstructured. Being able to efficiently capture, store, search and analyze these new, large data sets can be a daunting task.

Hence, it is of no surprise that Big Data is gaining rapid momentum in IT land. It is becoming the new, elusive playground of large consultancy firms that try to convince you and your company that this is the next major paradigm-shift. In all likelihood however, their Mumbo-Jumbo probably left you wondering why and how to invest in this new kid on the block …

We at Datablend have a very different mission. Our goal is to provide you with practical expertise that allows you to extract meaningful insights from your valuable company data. We focus on rapid implementations that deliver immediate value using a variety of Big Data technologies. We have reference implementations in the pharmaceutical, biotech and telecommunications sectors using technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Neo4J and Hadoop.

Our approach
Insights driven

We are selling insights, not technologies. As business-savvy IT-people, we are on the look-out for creating business value and consider "Big Data"-technologies a means to achieve this goal.

Rapid development

Your company need answers now, not within 6 months. Hence, we focus on rapid and robust "Big Data"-implementations that deliver immediate business value.

Creative thinking

Creativity is our strength! We think out-of-the-box and implement dedicated solutions that provide insights that are specific to your application domain and/or sector.

How we do it
Data storage

Storing terrabytes of complex, unstructured information through a horizontally scalable NoSQL datastore.

Data processing and analysis

Extracting insights from millions of data points through scalable processing technologies such as Map/Reduce, "Complex Event"-processing" and "Real-Time distributed computations".

Data enrichment

Unlocking the true potential of your data by enriching it through "Data Mining", "Machine Learning" and "Natural Language"-processing.

Data visualisation

Using advanced data visualisations to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical representations.

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