Our Big Data services

Big Data is a brand new IT-field. No one-fit-all software solution is currently available that perfectly aligns with the specific needs of your business domain and/or sector. Our dedicated “Big Data Bootstrap”-approach helps you and your company getting started in successfully adopting “Big Data”. Within a month’s time, we enlighten you on the power of Big Data and implement a Proof-of-Value solution that allows you to gain value and insights from your company data.
Already aware of the potential of Big Data? Datablend offers various expert services on data storage, analysis, enrichment and visualisation.

"Big Data Bootstrap"-approach
Big Data Intro

A massive amount of Big Data approaches and technologies are available today. Getting a good handle on what they can do for you is not always easy. During this half-day workshop, we introduce the overall Big Data rationale and showcase several use cases to illustrate its practical nature. At the end of this workshop, you should have a better idea on what Big Data is and what it can do for your company data.

Big Data Awareness

Understanding the basics on Big Data, you and your company are probably wondering on the suitable route ahead. During this half or one-day workshop we work together to identify your very own Big Data opportunities by pinpointing the business areas and use cases that provide the biggest return on investment and visibility within your organization.

Big Data Proof-of-Value

Rather than engage in a high-level strategic analysis with no concrete results, we advocate a hacker approach towards applying Big Data technologies. Within the time-frame of a single month we work towards a Proof-of-Value solution on real business data that targets one of the use cases that was identified during the Big Data Awareness workshop. Tangible insights in your data is the final objective!

Big Data Expert Services
Data storage

Storing terrabytes of complex, unstructured information through scalable NoSQL datastores, such as Graph Databases (eg. Neo4J), Document Databases (eg. MongoDB), Key-Value Databases (eg. Redis) and Column-Oriented Databases (eg. Cassandra). In addition, we can help you setup a distributed file system through the use of HDFS (Hadoop).

Data processing and analysis

Pre/Post processing millions of data points through scalable processing technologies such as Map/Reduce (i.e. the full Hadoop eco-system), "Complex Event"-processing" (eg. Esper) and "Real-Time distributed computations" (eg. Twitter Storm).

Data enrichment

Unlocking the true potential of your data by enriching it through various "Data Mining and "Machine Learning" algorithms (eg. Bayesian networks, regression analysis and classification) and "Natural Language"-processing.

Data visualisation

Using advanced data visualisations to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical representations. Using start-of-the-art visualisation technologies such as D3.js, Tableau, Gephi and MapBox)

Big Data Architecture

Helping you at defining your overall Big Data Architecture (both conceptual and technical), by combining Data storage, processing, enrichment and visualisation technologies in one, unified stack.