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The (non-)sense of NoSQL O(R)M frameworks

NoSQL seems to be ready for prime time. Several NoSQL companies, including 10gen (MongoDB), DataStax (Cassandra) and Neo Technology (Neo4J), recently received millions in funding to expand their (commercial) NoSQL offerings. Even Oracle is now entering the already crowded NoSQL-space with its very own key-value NoSQL Database 11g. No doubt that this type of publicity

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Should Big Data always be Big?

Yesterday evening the first BigData.be MeetUp was organized at the IBBT in Ghent. The intention of this meeting is to bring together Belgian Big Data and NoSQL enthusiasts. It’s an ideal opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with a mix of people, each having different backgrounds and levels of expertise with Big Data and NoSQL.

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Big Data / Concise Articles

Through this blog, we will try to keep you posted on our NoSQL escapades. Our goal is to provide you biweekly with a (technical) article that highlights a particular NoSQL aspect. Each technical article will be a self-contained piece of knowledge that can easily be digested and applied. Code samples will be made available through our github repository. Expect

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