8 things I like about Datomic

Yesterday evening, the 9th BigData.be MeetUp was organised at the offices of NGDATA in Ghent. With 45 people showing up, this was our best attended MeetUp till know, illustrating the growing popularity of Big Data in Belgium. The meeting had a line-up of three presentations:

  1. Kenny Helsens, who presented a wrap-up of the zimmo.be project
  2. Gabriel Reid, who gave an introduction to Apache Crunch, of which is is a committer
  3. Myself, giving a presentation on Datomic and FluxGraph

The presentation highlights various aspects that, to my opinion, set Datomic apart from other types of noSQL databases. At the end of the presentation, I introduced FluxGraph, a distributed, temporal graph database implemented on top of Datomic. FluxGraph implements the Tinkerpop Blueprints API and allows users to perform queries against a specific version of the graph in the past.

Already looking forward to the next BigData.be MeetUp!

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